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  1_|-重庆厨房制造、enable honest person to succeed in work and life. (獲得成功)

  2_-198彩票网络线导航、to work honestly to attain one’s life goal. (實現人生目標)

  3-金玉暖、to enhance reputation of a country.

  ▲堅持||谈爱 李白:(成功)

  1|_锦龙堂、No accomplishment can be achieved in a short time, and success needs efforts.

  2|-病毒杀手、Success is founded on the basis of patient pursuit +定語從句

  Olympic game


  1-铁山港365、it can be a tremendous momentum pushing the country’s development

  2|-促其反正、When equipped with willingness, spurring people to overcome any difficulty and conquer any challenge.



  1_-|易盈彩票、Contributing money and other necessities to people in need is a goal way to express human love. It reflects the sense of social responsibility.

  2__-阿丹娜女装、It also expresses a feeling from deep with one’s heart.


  該類別主要包括_|雅马哈r6报价:創新|_重庆力帆少东家、 勇氣-|-5800塞班、 奮鬥-|-沧州市迎宾路小学、 勤儉 ___中博彩票投诉、高瞻遠矚-|hs小游戏、 奉獻|__关于月球的知识、 浪費-__22福利彩票官方手机版、 社會公德 --_128期看图中肖特、幸福觀 --_qq2011下载正式版免费下载、勇敢 -__11选五5开奖结果浙江、得與失_优彩彩票官网、 正直誠實__金钟盛典、 持之以恒 -__众赢彩票的骗局、拚搏的奧運精神 |__月工作总结结尾、讀書|||山西黄河电视台直播。

  1-_|花为谁开、To be fair and upright; honest person;

  2--|金鹏图、economical and simple life; to learn to be frugal;

  3|_360时时彩冷热号统计、success derives from persistence; Olympic motto, read more books

  ▲情感友誼__-159彩票、團隊合作||盈彩骗局、讓座 鄰裏_|-锥子脸蒂娜、獻愛心

  1_-|盈发彩票官网、show love; provide assistance to others; teamwork and cooperation; selflessly offering help

  2|-众赢国际商城、contributing money and other necessities to people who are in great need

  Eager to donate money to charity


  該類別主要包括|-_游戏下载 单机游戏下载 多特游戏频道:中西方文化-_易彩彩民福地登录app、 民族文化-花枝是什么、 老外過春節 |凤舞摩天麦词、老外學書法-苏州园区博客门、 學英語---金立语音王a320、 城市發展與曆史傳承|-_保定热线测速。

  1|_赢彩网是正规的吗、a balanced economic development is not necessarily accompanied by the sacrifice of history.

  2_-郭美美欠赌债、participating in the annual celebration of the Chinese spring festival

  3|-淘宝怎么卖东西、practicing Chinese calligraphy (書法)

  4||东港宋老六、cultural exchanges; acquire better understanding of each other;the traditional Chinese culture.

  5-||黑社会砍人电影、pass down culture habit and treasure; absorb and assimilate traditional culture; reserve and spread brilliant diverse culture; be under the threat of extinction; be in great danger


  1__|亿客隆彩票百度、cultural exchanges can enhance international friendship.

  2_||叶彤倩、people can acquire better understanding of each other.

  3_--诏安人事人才网、can also greatly benefit the countries and stimulate their own social development and culture prosperity.


  1_|-芬兰语好学吗、in my opinions, there needs to be a comprehensive renovation in the educational system in which new educational concepts are introduced.

  2|_长虹国际彩票、only by new teaching methods can we cultivate children into talents and elites who will meet the requirements of our society.



  2|无翼乌、the awareness of struggling for one’s life is essential to the young man

  3|_-诺基亚n97mini软件、parents indulge children in consumption with an objective outlook on money


  1--|星尚团购网、 to develop good health

  2|_重修之灭仙弑神续集、 to keep regular exercise

  3--qq空间fd模块、 to make more contributions to the society

  4-|_盈利国际APP下载、 to make do with bad diet

  5--新乡窝窝团、 to neglect sports and exercise



  1-|_云顶娱乐怎么提现、the sanitation problem of family workshops

  2|36选7好彩3复式5、the promise of one’s own responsibility is like a method of cheating, and is quit against professional morals(職業道德)

  3_|-阎玺、low-quality products

  4||淘宝试用中心是真的吗、the ignorance of sanitation

  5_易投彩票是不是合法的、short of occupational disciplines

  6-苏拉病毒、the false commercial advertising and promotion


  該類別主要包括_|360多种大厅彩票:家庭關係|_-2017年江苏高考数学、 養老__038彩票好吗?、 啃老--众博彩票是不是黑平台。

  Young people are used to relying financially on their families


  Traffic accidents have long been a problem and are becoming a severe problem


  1-_易赢app官网下载安装、many drivers are forced to drive days and nights

  2_|_银利半岛卡、a lot of people drive after drinking alcohol


  1||张智霖庆祝搬家、a balanced economic development is not accompanied by sacrifice of history.

  2-|-灵芝体、historical sites are the treasure of our country’s glorious past. We must figure out a win-win method to promote sustainable development while retaining our cultural heritage.


  該類別主要包括-_|景伯宁:高薪__|南滨是哪个省的、 加班_--1rdt军海、技能||-艾尔之光雷文一转、學曆_深圳私募基金、自立自強__最好的化妆品排行榜、創業-_-娱乐天地线路登录。

  1|韩文臣、to display talent and capability;

  2_||诚美媛、to be of real service to fellowmen and the country;

  3|_-intele5300、to feel guilty in front of parents and family supporters;

  4|-|塔河吧、to encounter discrimination on the basis of sex or height or even birthplace;

  5|六一寄语、to despise jobs of lower social status and less income;

  6||中国人民解放军上将、to avoid the possibility of working in the rural areas

  7_央视主持人大全、to find (search\hunt) the right career;



  1---亿彩彩票手机官网、the exhaustion of resources;

  2||圣元金币优惠多联盟、pollution from industrial production transform many clean rivers into undrinkable water.

  3||色狗图片、the convenience brought by cars, their harmful impact on the atmosphere.

  4_||苏州园区湖东地图、garbage output, such as plastics and glass.

  5-|2m彩票2m彩票振撼来袭、deforestation Global warming, current greenhouse effect remains out of control

  6_-08彩票官网、human exploitation of natural resources


  該類別主要包括_|许君浩博客:教育--角马网、上網成癮_|-2m彩票永久免费0秒、上網交友-_张檬陈楚河、青少年犯罪|-能看cctv5的网络电视、 個人隱私-_|野渡无人舟自横上一句、出國留學_-|云南鼎通贵金属、 知識學術欺詐--11选5助手免费版、 望子成龍||注册彩金不限ip, 拔苗助長_|科瑞计算簿注册码、 應試教育素質教育 _-_青山湖教体局、考試作弊 ||众赢彩票是正规平台吗、相互攀比_-永胜国际APP、 名牌-__莱克帝卡、 浪費_银河娱乐提现不到账、 課業負擔_-永宁政府公众网、 戀愛 _|泉阳贴吧、兼職 -_-衣尚网、占座___邢台二手货车百姓网、 8090後 -易彩快3、富二代-_长春市亚泰小学、 校園旅遊 --宜昌隆胸、教育平等 |-可口可乐兑奖、獨生子女_|curling溃疡、 農民工子女-铁梨花41、 創新 _沈阳调料市场、迷信|__爱唯侦察论坛地址、 溺愛(spoiled)-青岛万达电影院影讯。

  1-_相信未来朗诵、To concentrate limited resources on creative talents, or elite;

  2_||唐易康官网、Enable students to possess better job skill;

  3|_诸城百盛吧、prepare students for future employment;

  4_|_陈仕林、to enhance the quality of population;

  5|-|蛊惑总裁、to promote scientific and technological level;

  6_|金星a1000、 to prepare one for a better and more meaningful life rather than a job;

  7_自然美酵素官网、one-child policy

  8|_|硫磺的产地、migrant workers(農民工);

  9_|美橙表业官网、impartial education opportunities

  10_-_小学教师先进材料、overwhelming homework;

  11_-找一个身份证号码、quality education(素質教育)

  12|广州华英雄手机店、a comprehensive renovation

  ▲人口增長__11086移动彩票几年了、 人口質量--掌上彩票怎么打不开了、養老與老齡化-射雕之乞儿传说、 性別比例

  1_-注册送18彩金apppk10、population aging; outdated and abandoned; to improve the living condition of the aging population ; to respect and appreciate the aged; to provide safety and happiness

  2|-135彩票开奖、the number of males outweighs that of females;the population growth is almost out of control, the humans to live is increasingly circumscribed.


  該類別主要包括|_娃哈哈股票代码: 創建和諧社會|鹏程狗友、 學術造假 ||众购彩票网注册、可持續發展|_智彩网、 抗爭救災眾誌成城_||361彩票巴登分分彩、 交通旅遊 -||诺基亚翻盖手机、國際化-|长郡style、 堵車 -_-万年屋日本料理、寵物-_ems怎么取货、 農業 -|此木为柴山山出的下联、酒後/疲勞駕車 _-_为啥人们啪啪后会感到悲伤、黃金周旅遊|-芬兰语好学吗。

  1-|南疆暴乱、traffic jams(堵車);the successful launch of the shenzhou-6 spaceship, our national strength and scientific competency.

  2-|_038手机彩票、traffic accidents; drive days and night with little rest; drive after drinking alcohol

  3_-芳城园二区、to keep domestic animals; to make family life more colorful and rich; to develop sense of responsibility and caring;

  4|_-悦天使、to make people feel closer to the natural world; to spread disease and pollute living environment; to waste time and money; to scare and hurt people, kid and the aged alike


  該類別主要包括_芦山县委书记:合法致富-_-网上三好街报价、 經濟發展--众发国际娱乐网、 科技發展|陈梦园、 網絡_--抗战奇侠2、 電子交通||注册领28彩金、 傳媒|_|自由们7 42官方下载、 動車-|-长恨春寻无觅处。

  1-_105彩票全部版本、get rich by legal means; be entitled to wealth and prosperity; stimulate people into hard working; reduce the gap;

  2|_永胜国际是干嘛的、help the poor with better opportunities; make big money illegally; make this society insecure

  網絡好處-__视觉卡盟平台:1-_-女性生殖生理外阴写真、share individual viewpoints and insights; enable better and more efficient interpersonal communication;

  2-_上海哪里买书便宜、enjoy equal right t personal opinion; 網絡壞處-_-怎么取消gprs:1_虚拟网短号查长号、reveal and spread rumors; occupy and waste net space; follow trend and fashion; ( help distinguish between right and wrong;

  2||采药傍梁宋、offer proper guidance; check and restrict unhealthy content; create a clean and safe environment; mislead children by indecent content.

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